Ed Sheeran Teases New Song ‘How Would You Feel,’ Talks Grammy Afterparty Rejection

As an artist who is known for penning love ballads and making his stadium shows a commonplace for marriage proposals, On Air with Ryan Seacrest invited acoustic-pop powerhouse Ed Sheeran in studio to appropriately celebrate Valentine’s Day.

“[Valentine’s Day] is kind of big in England, but it’s not huge. I do think we should encourage men to spend every sort of week to taking girls out on dates rather than just once a year,” the always-romantic Sheeran said of the holiday culture. “Everyone’s asking me what I’m doing for it, and I’m like, I go out regularly and I take my girl out on dates.”

Sheeran and his girlfriend Cherry Seaborn — a high school friend from his hometown Framlington in Suffolk, England — are briefly on a long distance relationship while Sheeran is on media blitz in the U.S. to promote his singles “Shape of You” and “Castle on the Hill.” Both tracks are lifted from his third studio album ÷ ( Divide).

On March 3, Sheeran will be celebrating accordingly when he finally releases the 12-song collection. This Thursday, he will continue to stoke excitement for the record with Friday’s upcoming of release of “How Would You Feel,” a five minute song that he forgot existed, but his girlfriend handpicked it as her favorite track a year and a half ago, so he decided to record it for the album.

“I was like, this is the one time I could release a song and it could be played on the radio when it’s five minutes. I think when the album is out, people will just go for the singles. So the song isn’t a single, but I want to put it out because I want loads of people to hear it,” he said, then revealed how the song was added to the ÷ tracklist: “I said to my girlfriend, ‘What’s your favorite song on the album?’ and she said, ‘You forgot this existed and I’ve got it in my email because I’m the only one you sent it to.'”

Last Sunday, Sheeran found himself at the 59th Annual Grammy Awards where he performed a one-man-band rendition of “Shape of You,” during which he looped beats, melodies, and vocals on the fly. “That’s my element. Performing is what I love doing,” he said of his blockbuster set. “I’m more nervous to talk to people because I’m not very good.”

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